Why Our Clients Land Jobs 2X Faster Than The U.S. Average

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The current job market is more competitive than it’s ever been, with hundreds of qualified candidates vying for every open position. But that’s not the whole story. Time and time again, I’ve worked with clients who should have landed positions sooner, but haven’t because of an ineffective resume. Make no mistake: listing your career details in a Word document and sending it out does not an effective resume make, and will rarely yield interviews. Even worse is taking a “trial and error” approach to your resume, complete with constant tweaking and editing. This strategy almost always results in needlessly extended job search times, lower salary offers, and a frustrating and emotionally draining experience at a critical juncture in your career.

So what’s the solution?

I believe that a resume needs to do 3 perfectly: establish your personal brand, market your unique skills, and effectively address “red flags” and vulnerabilities. I don’t believe in generic language or a “one size fits all” approach. Every resume is developed from scratch using information gathered during a 1-on-1 Phone Consultation, every idea and accomplishment crafted to present you at your very best. This uniquely personalized focus, combined with full support from start-to-finish, results in resumes that immediately garner interest from recruiters and hiring managers.

“I had been out of work for 5 months. During that time, my old resume generated 0 responses. After being approached by Anish I decided to take a chance and am I glad I ever did. After 8 days of using my new resume, I have just recently had 3 expressions of interest from potential employers. Thanks Anish!” -Mitch Willis, AB

During the first two weeks of using my new resume I applied to forty positions, received seven responses, and scheduled two interviews (so far). I will be gainfully employed in no time, thanks to Anish. I wholeheartedly recommend Anish to anyone looking for a new job opportunity. The resume Anish produced on my behalf is worth every penny!” -Emily Glaza, GA

Can you afford an extra 4 months of unemployment? Why not buck the “average” and get settled into a new job sooner, and reap the additional income and peace-of-mind that comes with that? I invite you to select your career level below and start the next chapter in your career TODAY. -Anish Majumdar, CPRW and Founder of ResumeOrbit.com

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