Take Networking to a New Level.

Senior and mid-level professionals in the midst of a job search often run into an all-too-familiar problem: making initial contact with someone potentially useful, such as a recruiter, hiring manager, or industry peer, and not being able to open up a line of dialogue about their career and where they’d like to go next. A Bio Letter is an excellent way to bridge this communication gap, providing a reader with key details about your career in a friendly and strategically directed way. 70% of job opportunities are either filled internally or through existing connections. This document is your key to seizing them.

What Is An Executive Bio Letter?

An Executive Bio Letter is a 1-page narrative summary of your career designed to distinguish you from the competition. It encompasses:

#1: A powerful opening paragraph that establishes your professional brand, areas of excellence, and current career goals.

#2: Follow-up sections that present your work history in the most positive light, with an emphasis on forward progression and successfully taking on new challenges.

#3: A wrap-up section detailing education and training credits, as well as other details sought after by employers in your industry.

What Can It Be Used For?

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-Job Searching


-PR/Marketing and Company Staff Pages

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