Recently Fired? Then You Need these 5 Interview Answers.

Career Track/Responsibilities Change

“I loved working at [PREVIOUS EMPLOYER] and [OUTLINE MAJOR JOB RESPONSIBILITY]. A little over a year ago, a new management team was installed, and they decided to change the focus of my department as well as my responsibilities. While it didn’t affect my performance, I ultimately decided to leave so that I could find a position that better catered to my strengths. Based on what I’ve learned so far, this role seems like a very strong fit.”

Culture Mismatch

“A new [POSITION TITLE] was installed, and as a result of the changes that occurred, the in-house culture and priorities shifted significantly. I no longer felt that my priorities and those of the organization were in sync, so with regret I decided that it was better for all concerned that I move on. I don’t foresee that as being remotely an issue here.”

Further Education

“I knew that a [DEGREE, TRAINING NAME] was essential to realizing my career goals. And I knew that trying to pursue both it and a full-time career wasn’t realistic. I dove in feet first, learned an incredible amount, and now feel empowered to move to the next stage of my career. Based on what we’ve been discussing, this seems like an excellent place to do just that!”

Internal Conflicts

“Our company has been suffering with low morale and high turnover for quite some time, and I began to understand that the systemic issues behind it were more than I could overcome. This is why I feel like this position would be an excellent match….”

“As rewarding as working at [PREVIOUS EMPLOYER] was, I felt disappointed by the lack of opportunities for career growth and wanted to change that. Based on what we’ve been talking about, I feel like this position would…”