What is a Value Proposition Letter? And Why Has it Replaced the Cover Letter?


Cover letters have a problem.

We skim things faster now. We need CRITICAL information quickly, with minimal fluff. And while resumes have evolved from dry, multi-page narratives into lean, mean, attention-getting machines, cover letters haven’t kept up. 95% of time is spent on the resume, and the cover letter, lacking any real purpose aside from serving as a cursory intro, becomes more of an afterthought (or skipped altogether).

This is why we’ve eliminated the cover letter from our Job Search Packages, and replaced them with a high-impact Value Proposition Letter (or VPL) that CRYSTALLIZES YOUR UNIQUE VALUE. It’s what the top performers are already using to stand out and get conversations started with senior leadership. 85% of jobseekers who use a VPL land a job in 90 days or less- we’re talking a MAJOR improvement. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what it is, and what it can do for you:

A Value Proposition Letter is:

A statement of value or ROI. Answers the question, “How will you advance what my company is doing?”

Results-focused, the more quantifiable the better. 

Big picture-focused.

Accessible and impactful to a large audience.

-Never longer than a page, no filler.

Specifically targeted to a key decision maker. Think CEO, COO, division president. People who can help you “skip the line” and even create a position for you.

Why they Work:

VPL’s are all about results and FIT, much less about soft skills. Every word matters. When done right, it’s a powerful introduction to why hiring you is in a company’s best interests.

Brevity works in your favor. 1 page or less means they get read, from start to finish.

They send a message: “You’re part of the club.” Execs are focused on the big picture and bottom-line results. If you’re asking for $200K a year, and can provide $500K in results, and credibly support it, then you’re hired. Going straight into it is like giving an employer the dessert before the meal. And everyone loves dessert.

Ways to Use a Value Proposition Letter in your Job Search:

-Answering a job posting

-Sending with, or without, a resume.

-Going directly to the people who can get you hired. Tapping into the “hidden job market.”

-Getting conversations started with recruiters.

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What’s Your Unemployment REALLY Costing You?

On the fence about working with a Career Expert? Consider these 2 factors:

1) The average job search length is 40 weeks. If you are seeking a salary of $100K per year, that means every week you spend unemployed equates to $1923.00. Which means that if I can shorten your unemployment by even 1 week, you’ll have recouped the investment on our highest-tier search package and then some.

This principle becomes even more pronounced at higher pay levels. At a compensation level of $250K per year, you’re losing $4807 for every week of unemployment. At $1M per year, you are losing out on an astonishing $19,230 for every single week you spend out of the workforce!

Here’s the great news: surveyed clients report average 50% shorter job search times after they’ve worked with us. When benchmarked against the U.S. average, we’re talking 20 weeks of additional income in your pocket. Can you afford to lose out on that?

Here’s a quick breakdown of this principle across all pay ranges:

Salary: $100K/year, Weekly Unemployment Cost: $1923, DAILY Cost: $385

Salary: $200K/year, Weekly Unemployment Cost: $3846, DAILY Cost: $684

Salary: $400K/year, Weekly Unemployment Cost: $7692.00, DAILY Cost: $1095

Salary: $1M/year, Weekly Unemployment Cost: $19230, DAILY Cost: $2739

2) Working with an expert isn’t just about cutting job search times, but an investment in your future earning powerSurveyed clients report securing salary packages that average between $10K and $40K more than their previous role. In some cases, it’s even gone as high as $100K more. That’s the incredible power of coming across as a Top 1% professional.

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Take Networking to a New Level.

Senior and mid-level professionals in the midst of a job search often run into an all-too-familiar problem: making initial contact with someone potentially useful, such as a recruiter, hiring manager, or industry peer, and not being able to open up a line of dialogue about their career and where they’d like to go next. A Bio Letter is an excellent way to bridge this communication gap, providing a reader with key details about your career in a friendly and strategically directed way. 70% of job opportunities are either filled internally or through existing connections. This document is your key to seizing them.

What Is An Executive Bio Letter?

An Executive Bio Letter is a 1-page narrative summary of your career designed to distinguish you from the competition. It encompasses:

#1: A powerful opening paragraph that establishes your professional brand, areas of excellence, and current career goals.

#2: Follow-up sections that present your work history in the most positive light, with an emphasis on forward progression and successfully taking on new challenges.

#3: A wrap-up section detailing education and training credits, as well as other details sought after by employers in your industry.

What Can It Be Used For?

partnership and cooperation icons

-Job Searching


-PR/Marketing and Company Staff Pages

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