What is a Value Proposition Letter? And Why Has it Replaced the Cover Letter?


Cover letters have a problem.

We skim things faster now. We need CRITICAL information quickly, with minimal fluff. And while resumes have evolved from dry, multi-page narratives into lean, mean, attention-getting machines, cover letters haven’t kept up. 95% of time is spent on the resume, and the cover letter, lacking any real purpose aside from serving as a cursory intro, becomes more of an afterthought (or skipped altogether).

This is why we’ve eliminated the cover letter from our Job Search Packages, and replaced them with a high-impact Value Proposition Letter (or VPL) that CRYSTALLIZES YOUR UNIQUE VALUE. It’s what the top performers are already using to stand out and get conversations started with senior leadership. 85% of jobseekers who use a VPL land a job in 90 days or less- we’re talking a MAJOR improvement. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what it is, and what it can do for you:

A Value Proposition Letter is:

A statement of value or ROI. Answers the question, “How will you advance what my company is doing?”

Results-focused, the more quantifiable the better. 

Big picture-focused.

Accessible and impactful to a large audience.

-Never longer than a page, no filler.

Specifically targeted to a key decision maker. Think CEO, COO, division president. People who can help you “skip the line” and even create a position for you.

Why they Work:

VPL’s are all about results and FIT, much less about soft skills. Every word matters. When done right, it’s a powerful introduction to why hiring you is in a company’s best interests.

Brevity works in your favor. 1 page or less means they get read, from start to finish.

They send a message: “You’re part of the club.” Execs are focused on the big picture and bottom-line results. If you’re asking for $200K a year, and can provide $500K in results, and credibly support it, then you’re hired. Going straight into it is like giving an employer the dessert before the meal. And everyone loves dessert.

Ways to Use a Value Proposition Letter in your Job Search:

-Answering a job posting

-Sending with, or without, a resume.

-Going directly to the people who can get you hired. Tapping into the “hidden job market.”

-Getting conversations started with recruiters.

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Don’t Let a Bad Resume Keep You From Landing the Perfect Job!

Did You Know?

 Recruiters spend an average of only 6 SECONDS evaluating an executive resume.

 The typical corporate job posting receives IN EXCESS of 250 resumes, with the first one usually being submitted within 5 MINUTES of the job posting going live.

That means your resume needs to immediately CUT THROUGH THE NOISE and get you noticed as a top performer. Nothing less will result in an interview.

Does this Sound like You?

✔ You know you’ve got what it takes, but can’t seem to articulate it on paper. 

✔ Your resume is outdated, filled with clichés, and ignores modern requirements such as industry keyword integration. 

✔ You’re trying to change industries, or elevate to a new level, and are unsure about how to make your experience support that.

✔ You have career gaps and other potential “red flags” within your work history that you don’t know how to handle. 


If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop doing what you’re doing and let an expert take the reins.

I’m one of the most sought after Career Strategists and Executive Resume Writers in the world. I hold a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) certification from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), am a leading member of Career Directors International, and a featured career expert for Careerealism.com, Practicelink Magazine and many other publications. Full Bio

Why Use ResumeOrbit.com?

Surveyed clients report an average 50% reduction in job search times, and usually negotiate higher salary offers. This is the power of a focused, branded executive presentation. 


#1: Stand out from the Competition.

Whether you currently have a resume or are looking to have us create one from scratch, you can rest assured that we will work closely with you to develop a powerful professional marketing tool that communicates unique value to employers and is 100% compliant with the standards of your industry. We regularly coordinate with hiring managers and executive recruiters in the U.S. and abroad to ensure our documents yield rapid results.


#2: Pass Scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Identifying and implementing key phrasing strategies and industry keywords are essential to your resume passing scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as Taleo and Kenexa. These types of software often serve as the initial “gatekeepers” between your resume and a hiring manager responsible for determining who gets called in for an interview. Does your current resume make the grade?


#3: Minimize Areas of Vulnerability.

We’re experts in identifying and addressing potential “red flags” in your resume. A seemingly tiny oversight or misrepresentation is all it takes to lose out on an opportunity. We will make sure that your new resume is something you feel confident about, and sets the stage for a successful job interview!


     Message from Anish Majumdar, CPRW and Founder of ResumeOrbit.com:

     When our company opened its doors in 2009, some of my very first clients were family and close friends. I was honored that they’d entrust me with such a critical part of their job search efforts, and realized immediately the benefits of a 1-on-1 approach that’s geared towards identifying those qualities which set a person apart, and communicating them in a way that captures the attention of employers. While our business has grown significantly since those early days, with clients hailing from over 50 countries, our approach remains the same: Identify unique value. Create resumes that are impactful and authentic. And above all, treat every client with the same respect and spirit of collaboration that you’d show family.

If you have any questions now or during the resume creation process please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call at 212-203-0272. I answer and return all client calls and would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

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