LinkedIn Makeover Service

“If you’re serious about your career, you NEED a LinkedIn Profile.”

How many times have you heard this or a similar statement? And it’s true: with over 350 million users, including top-shelf recruiters who execute daily searches for candidates on the site and hiring managers for Fortune 500 companies, LinkedIn has become indispensable to a successful career.

But how do you go about creating a profile that isn’t lost amongst the competition? How do you actively USE LinkedIn in a way that secures new opportunities, and allows you to skip the dreaded “send resume and wait” process?

This is what I do. Surveyed clients report an average 30% reduction in job search times using our LinkedIn Makeover Service and included strategies. Even better: they’re now in a position to assess incoming offers on a regular basis, and will never have to conduct a “traditional” job search ever again.

Are you ready?

Our LinkedIn Makeover Service includes:

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#1: Creation of a powerful and authentic LinkedIn Profile Page. 

Social media only works if you’re putting your best foot forward. We’ll work with you to develop a LinkedIn Profile that you can be proud of, including a “Summary” section that offers a snapshot of your goals and capabilities, a “Professional Experience” section offering insights into your career, and integration of hard-line details such as education, training, technical skills, volunteering credits, and others.


#2: LinkedIn Messaging Campaigns for “Dream Company Connectors,” Recruiters, and Explosive Network Growth.

To really MAXIMIZE LinkedIn results, you need a SYSTEM for building a steady pipeline of new relationships and “hidden job market” opportunities. These 3 customized messaging campaigns, complete with message templates, sending timeframes, and tracking spreadsheets, will get you there. This system is unique to


#3: Proactive joining of LinkedIn Groups for professional networking purposes

LinkedIn Groups are an easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, interact with fellow professionals worldwide, and establish yourself as an expert in the field. We’ll connect you with the ones that are most relevant to your job search.


#4: Exclusive “LinkedIn Booster Guide” e-book

Our “LinkedIn Booster Guide” e-book provides expert strategies and an easy-to-follow gameplan for Building a Powerful Professional Network, Researching People & Companies, and Making Contact. This is the user manual you need to land a job faster.

It’s Time to Turbocharge Your Career. Are You Ready?