“Breaking Through Barriers” 1-on-1 Interview Coaching

Want to discover cutting-edge processes that will enable you to deliver powerful interview performances easily and effortlessly?

Then I want to introduce you to our 1-on-1 Interview Coaching solution:

Breaking through Barriers: Re-Energizing Interview Performance Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

In this intensive 90-minute Skype Video session and 30-Minute Post-Interview Follow-Up, I will show you how to:

-Identify and address the 5 most difficult questions you’ll be asked during an interview. 

-Identify and rehearse the 3-5 “core stories” from your professional and personal life that will successfully position you as the Candidate of Choice. 

Consistently maintain an optimized state of mind so that you are always in control during an interview.

Improve your ability to read complex non-verbal cues of the interviewer and adjust your mannerisms to suit.

Draw upon powerful rapport-building and communication skills to succeed against even the most challenging interviewer.

Apply 3 different representational styles to enhance receptiveness and responsiveness.

Overcome fear and doubt with visualization and anchoring techniques.

-Following our session, I will provide you with a Key Takeaways document that you can use as a reference for all future interviews. This is the powerful edge you need to start locking down attractive job offers!

It’s Time to Turbocharge Your Career. Are You Ready?