REVEALED: Top Recruiter Interview Do’s and Don’ts


by Anish Majumdar, Certified Resume Writer and Founder, What are recruiters looking for in a candidate? How can you stand out in a way that makes them advance you as their candidate of choice for a position? A recent survey of 600 recruiters by, a major UK job search site, provides some key insights.

91% of recruiters say that a candidate should come with pre-prepared questions for the interview.

What this means for you:

-Do some research prior! This means researching the company ( can help), and preparing questions pertaining to the open position, the team, and how you can ensure success in the role. Expert tip: also research the recruiter on LinkedIn to see if there’s something in his or her background that could serve as an ice-breaker- this can make a huge difference in getting things off on the right foot!

Biggest turn-offs:

#1) Arriving late. Ensure this doesn’t happen by planning your route to the office beforehand (or simply setting it up in your GPS the day before) and leaving yourself an additional 20-30 minutes for getting ready and out the door.

#2) Obvious lack of preparation. Beyond researching prior to the interview, spend some time going over your resume so that you can easily elaborate upon major positions you’ve held and accomplishments. Think about how exactly your experience matches up with the needs of the position.

#3) Poor body language. First impressions matter! Keep the handshake firm and confident. Lean in to communicate interest. And maintain consistent eye contact.

And just in case you’re curious about worst-case scenarios, here are the craziest things recruiters have experienced during interviews:

-Candidates using foul language. Seriously, does this really happen?

-A candidate wanting to eat fast food during the interview. Offering a Big Mac to your recruiter, though delicious, won’t score you any additional points.

-A candidate who spoke only in rhymes from start to finish. “Your cost overruns I can contain, my rhymes make me seem completely insane!”

-A candidate who came wearing a fishing hat full of bait hooks. This move only works if the interview’s taking place on a fishing boat.