How to Make Better Career Decisions

3 Major Career Decision Pitfalls (and what to do Instead):

Pitfall #1: Trusting SHORTCUTS over evidence.

Examples are trusting your gut instinct over all else, ideology, fear (“I need the money!”) and others.


Gather data to help reach a decision BEFORE considering your feelings. Your feelings don’t matter at this stage- treat the whole thing like an intellectual exercise, THEN bring in the emotional piece.

Pitfall #2: Confirmation Bias.

Only seeking out data that supports which way you’re leaning.


Play DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. Create a folder with all of the information IN SUPPORT of your decision. Now create a second folder with all of the information AGAINST your decision. Be just as thorough in both cases.

Honestly ask yourself, “Do I really have a broad enough perspective to make and defend this decision?” If you don’t, then you need to entrust it to someone who can (ex. a mentor).

Pitfall #3: Going it Alone. 

Nothing kills solid decision-making like staying in the bubble of ego. You MUST break out of this!


Test out your decision on a FRIENDLY, someone with a vested interest in seeing you succeed and has the courage to tell you when your thinking is erroneous.