Applying for a Less-than-Perfect Job? Try This Instead.


Imagine this: you’re scanning job postings and come across one for a company that you would love to work for. Problem is, the job lacks something essential: degree of responsibility, salary, clear fit based on your experience. However, because your ideal job isn’t offered, you figure, “What’s the harm?” and shoot off a resume.

A few weeks pass, and another position opens up at this company. This time it’s a perfect fit. Although you didn’t hear anything back from your first application, you go ahead and re-send the resume.

And nothing happens. What gives?

When you use an online application system, you are essentially feeding information into a database that will be vetted by an administrative assistant or HR person. These (usually overworked) professionals are doing their best to screen and qualify all of the talent coming in, which could mean hundreds of separate applications for multiple positions in a range of departments. With time at a minimum, their function is to quickly separate potential hires (who are moved further along the process) from those who don’t match the basic criteria laid out in the position they’ve applied for. When you apply for a position that you’re not an excellent fit for, it becomes very easy for them to reject your application. Furthermore, when you re-apply for a different position, chances are very good that it’s the same person who will be reviewing your resume. Make no mistake: minor changes to the resume won’t mask the fact that you’re the same person applying for a different job within a very short period of time. At this point, most employers will screen you out for this position as well, and regardless of how qualified you actually are, will most likely remove you from consideration for future roles at the company. Despite applying with the best of intentions, this “shotgun” approach turns your candidacy into the equivalent of spam.

Here’s a different approach: when you come across a less-than-ideal job posting, research the company and reach out to a person who would be in a position to hire you. Oftentimes, the job posting itself contains relevant contact information. A simple message works best: brief introduction, what you’re looking for, why you’d be an asset to the company, and a request for a 15-minute call. Cold contacting a company has been shown to be an effective way of bypassing the send-resume-and-wait approach. Instead of being perceived as spam, you come across as an individual who is truly interested in making a meaningful contribution to the company. And when the ideal position opens up, you’ll be first in line.

Anish Majumdar is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Founder of, a consulting firm that specializes in Resume & CV Development, LinkedIn Profile Development and Executive Bio Letter Development for senior and mid-level professionals.

Don’t Let a Bad Resume Keep You From Landing the Perfect Job!

Did You Know?

 Recruiters spend an average of only 6 SECONDS evaluating an executive resume.

 The typical corporate job posting receives IN EXCESS of 250 resumes, with the first one usually being submitted within 5 MINUTES of the job posting going live.

That means your resume needs to immediately CUT THROUGH THE NOISE and get you noticed as a top performer. Nothing less will result in an interview.

Does this Sound like You?

✔ You know you’ve got what it takes, but can’t seem to articulate it on paper. 

✔ Your resume is outdated, filled with clichés, and ignores modern requirements such as industry keyword integration. 

✔ You’re trying to change industries, or elevate to a new level, and are unsure about how to make your experience support that.

✔ You have career gaps and other potential “red flags” within your work history that you don’t know how to handle. 


If this sounds like you, it’s time to stop doing what you’re doing and let an expert take the reins.

I’m one of the most sought after Career Strategists and Executive Resume Writers in the world. I hold a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) certification from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC), am a leading member of Career Directors International, and a featured career expert for, Practicelink Magazine and many other publications. Full Bio

Why Use

Surveyed clients report an average 50% reduction in job search times, and usually negotiate higher salary offers. This is the power of a focused, branded executive presentation. 


#1: Stand out from the Competition.

Whether you currently have a resume or are looking to have us create one from scratch, you can rest assured that we will work closely with you to develop a powerful professional marketing tool that communicates unique value to employers and is 100% compliant with the standards of your industry. We regularly coordinate with hiring managers and executive recruiters in the U.S. and abroad to ensure our documents yield rapid results.


#2: Pass Scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Identifying and implementing key phrasing strategies and industry keywords are essential to your resume passing scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) such as Taleo and Kenexa. These types of software often serve as the initial “gatekeepers” between your resume and a hiring manager responsible for determining who gets called in for an interview. Does your current resume make the grade?


#3: Minimize Areas of Vulnerability.

We’re experts in identifying and addressing potential “red flags” in your resume. A seemingly tiny oversight or misrepresentation is all it takes to lose out on an opportunity. We will make sure that your new resume is something you feel confident about, and sets the stage for a successful job interview!


     Message from Anish Majumdar, CPRW and Founder of

     When our company opened its doors in 2009, some of my very first clients were family and close friends. I was honored that they’d entrust me with such a critical part of their job search efforts, and realized immediately the benefits of a 1-on-1 approach that’s geared towards identifying those qualities which set a person apart, and communicating them in a way that captures the attention of employers. While our business has grown significantly since those early days, with clients hailing from over 50 countries, our approach remains the same: Identify unique value. Create resumes that are impactful and authentic. And above all, treat every client with the same respect and spirit of collaboration that you’d show family.

If you have any questions now or during the resume creation process please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call at 212-203-0272. I answer and return all client calls and would be happy to address any concerns you may have.

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Thousands of clients have partnered with Anish Majumdar, CPRW and to turn around stalled job searches and land their dream positions. Here is unedited feedback from just a few of those we’ve helped:

“I hired Anish to rewrite my resume and cover letter, and he delivered. Period. He produced a top-notch product for a great price and with a rapid turnaround. I highly recommend Anish if you need this service.” -Drew Hinkle, GA

“I work in the medical field. I found Anish via one of my medical journals. He offers a fast and outstanding service with amazing outcome/ results immediately. I highly recommend him. He has an excellent ability to understand person’s skills, accomplishments and desired direction quickly and craft them in a persuasive resume.” -Shefaa George, OR

“This was an extremely helpful service! Prior to Resume Orbit, my resume and cover letter looked like any generic one you would find on the Internet. After collaborating and discussing what should be added to those documents with Resume Orbit, my resume and cover letter stand out and more accurately reflect me.” -Shannon Sampson, NY

“Anish offers excellent service and fantastic final result. I’d not be where I am today if it wasn’t for his sound advice and assistance in crafting the perfect resume & online work profile. I’ve recommended Resume Orbit to many friends and they’ve all been very satisfied!” -Jan Bielecki, New South Wales (NSW)

“Anish is very detailed oriented and knowledgeable. Through a series of questions, he was able to learn about my skills, education, experience, and goals. He asked such great, relevant questions, I questioned whether he was in education himself. He put his knowledge of the education field together with all of my information provided and the result was an amazing cover letter and resume. It’s unlike anything I’d ever be able to put together, especially in the short time that it took him to do it. He also gave me multiple formats and explained which was best when submitting them under different circumstances. If you’re in the position of looking for a new job or even just updating your resume, I highly recommend Anish. He is second to none!” -Kristen Manley, PA

“Fast, detailed and personable. Anish is great to work with and will ensure you are happy with the final product.” -Steve Martin, NY

“Anish quickly understood my skills and desired direction and crafted a stunning resume. Honest description of accomplishments written in persuasive and eloquent script. Graphics were simple and sophisticated. For the first time in a year, I received invitations to interview which led to job offers. Very grateful; Anish brilliantly tells who you are.” -Dawn Hetzer, FL

“Provided an awesome service and I always know I can go to Anish for an update.” -Humayun Malik, CT

“I submitted my resume to Anish at for his free critique; from my first contact with them, they were responsive and professional. They took my tired resume, updated and made it more friendly to software search programs and more appealing to hiring managers. They included key words and created a better format. I not only got more interviews, but hiring managers actually stated they loved my resume! I highly recommend Anish and ResumeOrbit. They are the best.” -Mathilda Dock, CA

“One of the best in resume writting. Anish has helped me on few occasions in last 6 years to compose /edit and enhance my Resume and its always a true reflection of my strengths and achievements. He works very closely with you till the time you are happy with the final Resume and cover letter.” -Deepak Mishra, Australia (AU)

“I hadn’t planned to hire a professional resume writer, but when I made contact with Anish I felt confident of his skills. Now I would recommend Anish to anyone to improve their marketability!” -Kimberley Bradley, AZ

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Anish and his work. Right from the start the very start he walked me though each step in the process. He was not only very professional but he did the job in a very timely fashion. I would highly recommend Anish and his company to help you land the job of your dreams.” -Kelly DeRocco, NY

“I was very impressed with Anish’s work on my resume. I never realized how much more active it could be. I knew I had a good skill set, but having skills and communicating skills are completely different. I highly recommend Anish’s work to anyone who feels that their resume could use some ratcheting up.” -Don Richardson, CA

“I had hired Anish to write a new resume for a professional job search recently after writing my own. With my own version, I was not getting even a slight nibble or interview and I sought some professional assistance. I came across Anish in this search and his approach in reviewing what I had at the time to the final product was professional, creative and effective. I have been using his version and am now getting interviews and have recommended his services since receiving my resume and now feel confident that my job search will come to a successful conclusion. He has been terrific to speak to and discuss questions with and believe he is among the best at what he does! Thank you so much!”-Harry Kessel, IL

“I contracted Anish to rewrite my resume (which I thought was outstanding). The results are almost unbelievable. I applied to well over three hundred positions with my original resume, received very few responses, and scheduled a total of three interviews in a five month period. Anish worked with me to learn my skills, accomplishments, best attributes, and career goals. He then produced a beautiful and concise resume in less than 48 hours. During the first two weeks of using my new resume I applied to forty positions, received seven responses, and scheduled two interviews (so far). I will be gainfully employed in no time, thanks to Anish. I whole heartily recommend Anish to anyone looking for a new job opportunity. The resume Anish produced on my behalf is worth every penny!” -Emily Glaza, GA

“Anish’s ability to help fine tune my resume was superb. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for a great resume.” -Michael Bachand, MA

“I had been out of work for 5 months. During that time, my old resume generated 0 responses. After being approached by Anish I decided to take a chance and am I glad I ever did. After 8 days of using my new resume, I have just recently had 3 expressions of interest from potential employers. I’m now confident that it will be just a matter of time before I’m back in the work force. Thanks Anish!” -Mitch Willis, AB

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LinkedIn: How Insiders Land New Jobs

“If you’re serious about your career, you NEED a LinkedIn Profile.”

How many times have you heard this or a similar statement? And it’s true: with over 350 million users, including top-shelf recruiters who execute daily searches for candidates on the site and hiring managers for Fortune 500 companies, LinkedIn has become indispensable to a successful career.

But how do you go about creating a profile that isn’t lost amongst the competition? How do you actively USE LinkedIn in a way that secures new opportunities, and allows you to skip the dreaded “send resume and wait” process?

This is what I do. Surveyed clients report an average 30% reduction in job search times using our LinkedIn Makeover Service and included strategies. Even better: they’re now in a position to assess incoming offers on a regular basis, and will never have to conduct a “traditional” job search ever again.

Are you ready?

Our LinkedIn Makeover Service includes:

Sea star.

#1: Creation of a powerful and authentic LinkedIn Profile Page.

Social media only works if you’re putting your best foot forward. We’ll work with you to develop a LinkedIn Profile that you can be proud of, including a “Summary” section that offers a snapshot of your goals and capabilities, a “Professional Experience” section offering insights into your career, and integration of hard-line details such as education, training, technical skills, volunteering credits, and others.


#2: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Thousands of recruiters and HR professionals use LinkedIn every day to seek out qualified candidates for open positions. In order to gain visibility, it is crucial that your LinkedIn Profile contain the necessary industry keywords to turn up during these searches. We’re experts in addressing this area.


#3: Proactive joining of LinkedIn Groups for professional networking purposes

LinkedIn Groups are an easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, interact with fellow professionals worldwide, and establish yourself as an expert in the field. We’ll connect you with the ones that are most relevant to your job search.


#4: Exclusive “LinkedIn Booster Guide” e-book

Our “LinkedIn Booster Guide” e-book provides expert strategies and an easy-to-follow gameplan for Building a Powerful Professional NetworkResearching People & Companies, and Making Contact. This is the user manual you need to land a job faster.

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Take Networking to a New Level.

Senior and mid-level professionals in the midst of a job search often run into an all-too-familiar problem: making initial contact with someone potentially useful, such as a recruiter, hiring manager, or industry peer, and not being able to open up a line of dialogue about their career and where they’d like to go next. A Bio Letter is an excellent way to bridge this communication gap, providing a reader with key details about your career in a friendly and strategically directed way. 70% of job opportunities are either filled internally or through existing connections. This document is your key to seizing them.

What Is An Executive Bio Letter?

An Executive Bio Letter is a 1-page narrative summary of your career designed to distinguish you from the competition. It encompasses:

#1: A powerful opening paragraph that establishes your professional brand, areas of excellence, and current career goals.

#2: Follow-up sections that present your work history in the most positive light, with an emphasis on forward progression and successfully taking on new challenges.

#3: A wrap-up section detailing education and training credits, as well as other details sought after by employers in your industry.

What Can It Be Used For?

partnership and cooperation icons

-Job Searching


-PR/Marketing and Company Staff Pages

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Ace the Interview

Put your best foot forward with a 45-minute Skype or Phone session with Anish Majumdar, CPRW that will add a level of confidence and polish during job interviews. If you’re worried about that gap in employment on your resume, don’t know what to focus on when asked to elaborate about yourself, or need ways to be more proactive during the interview process, this session will help.

What our “Ace the Interview” Coaching Session Offers:

Finding your story. A professional who has a clear understanding of what they have to offer, and the confidence to communicate that succinctly will always leave a powerful impression on employers. We’ll talk about who you are, what excites you about your line of work, and discuss ways in which you can naturally weave this into the context of a job interview.

Managing doubts and areas of vulnerability. Are there any “red flags” or other issues that worry you within your resume? Is there a particular period of time that you’re having difficulty accounting for, or simply feel a degree of insecurity at this juncture in your career? The perspective of a Career Expert and CPRW with experience working with your industry peers can be an invaluable asset in these situations. I’ll offer my take on these areas, as well as my suggestions on how you can effectively minimize their impact.

Creating Meaningful Exchanges. Aligning your passion and expertise with a company’s goals is the key to a successful interview. We’ll discuss how to answer questions in a way that goes to the heart of what employers are looking for with regards to your target position(s), what aspects of your background set you apart from the competition, and re-affirm what you’re looking for in your next career opportunity.

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