Ace the Interview

Put your best foot forward with a 45-minute Skype or Phone session with Anish Majumdar, CPRW that will add a level of confidence and polish during job interviews. If you’re worried about that gap in employment on your resume, don’t know what to focus on when asked to elaborate about yourself, or need ways to be more proactive during the interview process, this session will help.

What our “Ace the Interview” Coaching Session Offers:

Finding your story. A professional who has a clear understanding of what they have to offer, and the confidence to communicate that succinctly will always leave a powerful impression on employers. We’ll talk about who you are, what excites you about your line of work, and discuss ways in which you can naturally weave this into the context of a job interview.

Managing doubts and areas of vulnerability. Are there any “red flags” or other issues that worry you within your resume? Is there a particular period of time that you’re having difficulty accounting for, or simply feel a degree of insecurity at this juncture in your career? The perspective of a Career Expert and CPRW with experience working with your industry peers can be an invaluable asset in these situations. I’ll offer my take on these areas, as well as my suggestions on how you can effectively minimize their impact.

Creating Meaningful Exchanges. Aligning your passion and expertise with a company’s goals is the key to a successful interview. We’ll discuss how to answer questions in a way that goes to the heart of what employers are looking for with regards to your target position(s), what aspects of your background set you apart from the competition, and re-affirm what you’re looking for in your next career opportunity.

Ready to take your career to the next level?